Sai Rose Nursery is based in Indore and is regarded as one of the Largest Nurseries in Indore. Founded in 2016, the founders have more than two decades of experience in satisfying a lot of retail and wholesale customers & creating an unending list of happy customers.

If you have a dream of gardening, if you are a fond of collecting valuable and ornamental plants for your premises, we will provide you the best budget solution, keeping and maintaining the outstanding qualities and consultancy services. Our professionals are experienced to guide you the best consultancy services and proper A to Z solution for your nursery establishment, maintenance and activities.

Garden Maintenance and Garden Execution

The design of a garden combines the static, fixed architectural features and the dynamic, living structure of the garden: the trees, shrubs, hedges, herbaceous plants, grass and others. It takes account of harmony of form, texture and color. Garden Development Services,Roof Gardening Services,Gardening Maintenance,Garden Designing Services,Garden Execution Services.

At Sai Rose Nursery, we undertake garden designing, execution and maintenance.

Garden Development

Roof Gardening

Gardening Maintenance

Garden Designing

Garden Execution


Our Services

Indoor Plants

It is time to give new life to your interior. Indoor plant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices. Indoor plants not only help clean the environment around them.


Flowering Plants

Flowering plants are such type of plants, which have many verities plants of flowers. Flower plants are known as garden plants. These plants are growing by seeds, so these plants are called seed growing plants.


Decorative Plants

We offer decorative plants that fit any style and budget and also beautify your home with the display of aesthetic features including: flowers, leaves, scent, overall foliage texture.